Hazardous Fire Conditions For Cleveland County


Hazardous fire conditions such as red flag warnings, burning bans on outdoor burning, and special fire weather statements will be listed on this page.

This information will also be given to all media outlets in Cleveland County as well as on the Cleveland County Firefighters Association Homepage at www.ccfirea.com


 There are no Bans at This Time


Should a burning ban be issued by the North Carolina Forest Service  it will be posted on this site

   A Forestry Service permit is required for all outdoor burning. This permit applies only to natural growth materials, tree trimmings, brush, grass clippings and agriculture clearing. Large areas with multiple acre land clearing should obtain a set back burning permit from the office of NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Mooresville, NC. The telephone number for NC DENR is 704-663-1699. Materials such as tires, shingles, plastic, wire insulation, and household garbage are illegal to burn at any time.


This page may not be updated daily so if you have questions regarding outdoor burning you can contact the Cleveland County Fire Marshal's office at 704-484-4841 or the North Carolina Forest Service at 704-487-4954.


Last Updated 12/02/2016