NOTE: These county employees and commissioners are available to speak to churches and civic groups

Dayna Causby, Director of Elections

1. Duties of the Director of Elections and Board of Elections

2. How to Register to Vote, How to Vote Absentee

3. How One Vote Can Make a Difference

4. Getting Involved in Politics

Joseph Lord, Director EMS

1. Emergency Medical Services, Local and National Level

2. Computerization Within the Workplace

3. Working with Explorer Posts (youth groups for 4-21 year olds)

Bill McCarter, Planning Director

1. Growth and Development Trends

2. Planning and Zoning

3. First Broad River Reservoir

Cooperative Extension Staff

Greg Traywick, Director

1. Livestock

2. Community Development

Nancy Abasiekong

1. Parenting

2. Resource Management

3. Eldercare

4. Leadership Development

Nancy Jones

1. Foods and Nutrition

2. Diet/Lifestyle/Health

Steve Gibson

1. General Agriculture

2. Pesticides

3. International Agriculture (Emphasis on Bolivia)

Ashley Lee

Youth Issues

Daniel Shires

1.  General Horticulture

2.  Home Lawn & Gardens

Lorie Poston, Director, Communications E-911

E-911 Services

Krista Parker, Soil and Water Conservation

Conservation Education

Stephen Bishop, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Conservation Practices

Dewey Cook, Fire Marshal, Emergency Management Director

1. Protecting Your Property from Fire

2. How to Act in a Natural Disaster

3. Any issue about managing emergencies

Paul Ezell, Building Inspections

1. What to Know About Building Permits

2. Any topic about building inspections

Alan Norman, Sheriff

1. The Community Policing Program

2. Any topic about crime or law enforcement

Social Services Staff

Tom Ensley

1. Adult Protective Services

2. Other Adult Programs

Pam Bright

Child Services

Denise Harrill

Child Support

LaSandra Pearson

Public Assistance Programs (Food Stamps)

Public Assistance Programs (Medicaid)

Mary Etters

Work First Cash Assistance and Employment Programs


Bob Yelton, County Attorney

Dorothea Wyant, Health Department

Ronnie Hawkins - Chairwoman, County Commissioner

Jason Falls - Vice-Chairman, County Commissioner

Eddie Holbrook, County Commissioner

Susan Allen, County Commissioner

Johnny Hutchins, County Commissioner


LIST IS UPDATED AS NEED, Call the County Manager's Office at 484-4800 for more information.